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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Old Farmer's Market (2014) Part 1

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't returned for a while.
Even though things have been busy for me, I didn't forget the take pictures of some of the most memorable and delicious meals in Toronto.

Alright. So let's go into the time travel machine and set it at July 5, 2015 when the old Farmer's Market was located right in front of the St. Lawerence Market. (Now, it's located behind the St. Lawerence Market where the Green P Parking lot used to be).

It was a beautiful, bright and sunny day! 

They got some good deals on herbs and plants from time to time. 

I've entered through the garage where they sell meat and often other prepared foods like chilli. You usually can smell the aromatic fragrance of chilli in the air if you arrive early. 

So what's early? Any time before 12:00 noon is good. After that, the good stuff are sold out and the staff members are packing to leave.

For those who enjoy meat and are curious what the prices were like in 2014. 

I've heard of these somewhere from Gossip Girl or a movie. 

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