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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Old Farmer's Market (2014) Part 2

I remember when I was a little girl, if a family member visits the Farmer's Market, they usually purchase one of their Strudels. 

I enjoy Apple Strudels the most! 

Freebies? Sure I'll take one... or two! 

These are great! My favourite pot pie is the Chicken Pot Pie. I accidentally picked on the Chicken curry one time but I can be such a plain jane with my palate at times. These are great for the fall and winter. 

You see this potpie peeking out ?

You must arrive early in the morning to get samples of pot pie. Usually, there is a line up for a sample of Chicken pot pie. I've never tasted homemade pot pie nor attempted to create one yet. So I must say this is the BEST Chicken pot pie I had ever tasted!  

There is a health conscious bakery that sells pasta and breads. 

They provide samples during the summer and from time to time randomly. I have purchased a jug. I found myself diluting the cider with a lot of ice because it's pretty sweet. 

I like cheese that are smoked. These cheese ladies usually provide teenie tiny samples. Just sure you pick up the clean toothpicks to try a sample. This cheese is salty. I like to add this in Mac n Cheese when I make it out of scratch.  

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