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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Neo Coffee Bar

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Hello Coffee Lovers!
I've visited Neo Coffee Bar on January 23, 2016.

Their interior decoration theme was minimalism which I loved! It's clean, simple and pleasing to the eye. 

Oh my God! Don't they all look good? From roll cakes, cookies, croissants, cream puffs and sandwiches. 

They have honey, cane sugar and maple syrup as sweeteners. 

Cake to go and a cappuccino. I tasted some burnt beans. 

I have selected half a roll cake in London Fog. The BEST roll cake ever! It surpasses the Korean Roll cakes. I could taste some citrus notes in the cake and they are generous with the cream filling. It was moist and the flavour was locked in pretty well. 

Neo Coffee Bar deserves a 4.0/5.0. The place was clean. Their roll cake was really their star of this show. Despite the fact that it is pricey. You will taste quality and it left me smiling for the whole day. I definitely will visit again. This is one of the most memorable cakes I've ever had! 

For more information:
Neo Coffee Bar 

Address: 161 Frederick St, Toronto, ON M5A 4P1
Phone:(647) 348-8811

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bombay Palace

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Hello everyone!
I had dropped by at Bombay Palace on January 8, 2016. 

The interior was decorated nicely.

They had interesting sculptures and artifacts. 

For some reason, I always call the dessert that looks like a ball, "Indian Donuts". 

We ordered Vegetable Platter (Samosa, Potato cakes, Onion bhajis and Vegetable pakoras). They were all delicious! I seriously can't pick one over the other. Indian spices are truly amazing! 

Lentil Soup
Do NOT order this! I told the server I cannot consume this soup because it was extremely salty. 

Authentic Butter Chicken with Garlic Naan
This is quality Butter Chicken! You can taste the spices, ginger.. yes you can see matchsticks of ginger! It's not pumped with sugar like most of the butter chicken dishes I've tried in Toronto. This is the best butter chicken ever! 

I admit the Garlic Naan was heavenly, I ended up ordering two servings!

So I've visited here thinking there was daily lunch and dinner buffets. 
No, that wasn't the case. There are daily lunch buffets and Sunday dinner buffets. Bombay Palace deserves 3.5/5.0. If the soup was not as salty, they would have easily landed themselves a 4.0/5.0. The server was friendly and even apologetic. The place could use a duster as I have noticed some cob webs on their statues. I actually look and admire art that is placed in restaurants because it adds to the ambience. Food was terrific! I am so happy to discover a place that makes authentic Indian food! I will be looking forward for their buffet dinner. 

For more information:
Address: 71 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5C 2H2
Phone:(416) 368-8048

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Le Papillon on Front

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I visited Le Papillion on November 21, 2015.

Danny had recommended visiting this French Restaurant. 

I usually don't care so much about decor but this place was lovely! The asian male host showed us to our table. 

Poutine on Front
Fries with fresh squeaky cheese curds swimming  French Onion Soup.
Now, I had this twice and each time it tasted different. 

My first time (as shown in the photos above), the fries remained crispy and there wasn't too much soup. 

My second time, the poutine arrive soggy and really salty from the excessive soup. The remaining soup was consume with the bread.
I prefer the first method of how they created the poutine.

Seafood Stew
It was a creamy soup. To my surprise, it didn't smell nor taste fishy. It had bits of shrimp, tomato, carrots and other seafood. It was delicious! 

Cornish Hen with truffle mushroom risotto and seasonal vegetables (bok choi and potato wedges). The red cabbage tasted like cranberries. That was very refreshing. The cornish hen was stuff with the risotto rice. It was a delicious surprise! The chicken meat itself tasted like any ordinary piece of chicken.

Beef bourguignon crepe
I tried a bite. It was my first savoury crepe. The beef bourguignon was tasty but the crepe was too sweet for my liking. It was like eating a Jamaican patty without the flakiness. This dish doesn't really stand out.

Creme Brulee
I actually ordered Bailey's Creme Brulee. When I took my first bite two things ran into my head:
1. It's not Bailey's Creme Brulee
2. It's FRESH Creme Brulee

Le Papillion deserved 3.5/5.0. I took off a point when they brought the wrong dessert and error on the bill. When I informed my server that this wasn't Bailey's Creme Brulee and it was just a regular creme brulee, the server did not correct the bill. Not that it was a huge deal but we were overcharged by a few dollars. Most of their food was delicious. I was aware that most of their food items were not authentic French Food and it had more of a modern twist. Le papillion was a romantic, candle light dinner surrounded by other couples. Other customers were Caucasian and was a mix of families, couples, young adults, older adults and seniors. The male server was friendly, treated me like a princess and at times were hard to grasp his attention. He was very busy that night.

Despite all that occurred, this is my new go to place for poutine and creme brulee. I NEVER tasted Creme Brulee this fresh before. The taste of how fresh or old dairy is cannot lie to your tongue. I will return again in the future.

For more information:

Address: 69 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B5
Phone: (416) 367-0303

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Custom Grille

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Hello everyone!
I've visited Custom Grille on November 20, 2015.
It is located in the Rich Tree Food Court of Eaton Centre.

 I observed a lady and I sensed some serious happy vibes coming out of her. She was smiling at her Fish and Chips as she searched for a seat. I saw how big her fish was and I wanted some too! 

The fish tasted fresh!

Purple cabbage coleslaw

If I am in Eaton's Mall (I usually call shopping centres malls), I would walk right over to Custom Grille and order fish and chips again. This place deserves 3.5/5.0. I didn't have any issues with the staff. The food arrived fast. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fried fish. The coleslaw could be more flavourful. 

For more information:

The Custom Grille
Address: 14 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5H 3X4
Phone:  (416) 506-0400

Rol San #4

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Hello Dim Sum Lovers!
I've visited Rol San on November 19, 2015.

Their Dim Sum menu...

I've ordered their vegetable dumpling. It contained bok choi, carrots, gelatin, and mushrooms. I didn't like it. It did not taste good. 

Beef Rice Noodle Roll
It was delicious as usual.

It was noted that the dim sum restaurant near Rol San were closed down. 

For more infomation: 
Rol San 
Address: 323 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2E9
Phone:(416) 977-1128

Monday, January 25, 2016

Very Fair #8

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Hello my dumplings!
I visited Very Fair on October 27, 2015. I usually go there to get quality dim sum. 

Shrimp dumplings with boiled vegetables (gai lan and bok choi).

My shrimp dumpling. Dad insisted I eat at least one. 

Vegetable dumpling with other dim sum in the background.

Beef Rice Roll Noodle (my favourite)! 

So if you haven't noticed, this is the place I usually go for quality dim sum. I have tried other resturants such as Rol San and their dim sum is noticably smaller and contained less fillings. 

For more information:

Very Fair Chinese Restaurant 
4002 Sheppard Ave E 
Toronto, ON M1S 4R5
(416) 332-1861

Guu (Church)

KINKA IZAKAYA ORIGINAL Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Hello everyone!
I visited Guu on Octomber 14, 2015. It is currently called "Kinka Izakaya Originalz".

I noticed a lot of people were entering Guu at the other end. I hope this helps. 

At you enter, there will be someone to greet you out loud. It had a domino effect and the other staff members greeted us out loud. 

They have a patio which was locked up due to the cold season. 

Okonomiyaki deep fried Japanese pancake with squid, tonkatsu sauce, karashi mayo and bonito flakes sprinkled on top
It was very salty for my palate.

Top: Takoyaki
Deep fried octopus balls with tonkatsu sauce and karashi mayo

Bottom: Tuna Tartare
Sesame oil marinated B.C. tuna and soy bean with mango sauce. I think it was fried onions on top.

Teriyaki Gyu Tongue
Pan fried beef tongue with spicy teriyaki sauce
This did not taste spicy one bit. It tasted like beef with plain soy sauce.
This place was overrated. Guu deserves a 4.0/5.0. They lost a point because the food wasn't what I expected. The chef was very generous with his salt in the kitchen that day. I really liked their tuna tartare. Brilliant dish! Who knew raw tuna and mango would be this delightful! I disliked the other items I've ordered. It's a good tapa to bring your guests. I would visit Guu if there were guests from out of town. It was noted that their female washroom had feminine napkins, toothpicks, small cups and mouthwash for free. The place was clean and well kept. The server was friendly and attentive. Everyone saluted goodbye as I exited the restaurant. 

398 Church Street,
Toronto, ON, M5B 2A2

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fran's Restaurant and Bar (Front Street)

Hello everyone!

I visited Fran's on October 9, 2015.

Fran's entrance and outdoor patio.

Fran's indoor atmosphere was nicely decorated and bright.
I recalled the music was loud to the point I couldn't hear Dan talk. I requested to the server to turn the music down. Request was denied for some odd reason. 

Hamburger and fries were nothing special. Note that the grill marks are on the outside of the bun. 

I ordered soup of the day which was vegetable soup.

It tasted like it was out of a can. 

I cannot see myself returning to Fran's on Front street in the future again. 

For more information:

Fran's Restaurant and Bar

Address: 33 Yonge St #104, Toronto, ON M5E 1G4
Phone:(647) 352-3300