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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant

On January 6, 2015, I was craving for AYCE Sushi. So a friend recommended Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant in Downtown, Toronto. 

I have been to this place a long time ago before this visit. This time, I remembered to take my camera. 

Salmon Roses, Tamago (egg) sushi and salmon sashimi.

She tried some calamari and it was blah. Just stick with shrimp and vegetable tempura. 

The deep fried  wontons and dumplings weren't special. We had to try out their cheese wontons.

I wasn't a big fan of their salmon skin rolls. I don't really like anything salted in my sushi rolls. Everything else was good. 

She said that the pork cutlet was good. 

This is probably my favourite photo during my visit. Salmon Belly with teriyaki sauce! 

I probably can eat 2 servings on my own! If there is a sushi buffet that serves salmon, belly, I would be more interested in visiting the place because salmon belly may seem like trash to another but it's gold to another. Salmon belly is rich in nutrients and is delicious! 

I did not enjoy the cheese wontons. Whatever type of old raviolis or type of cheese that was inserted into the wonton tasted old and dried by the time it stepped out of the deep fryer. 

Would you like a dish of Saury? Get it? Sorry? 

More salmon sashimi to fill up my cheeks! :D

Salmon Sashimi was fresh,

She wanted to try out , grilled fish. Whatever fish it was, we regretted ordering it. It tasted like dry and old fish. 

There were a lot of people eating that night so I wasn't able to take pictures of inside the restaurant. Perhaps next time. 

I would give this place 3.0/5.0. They really need to re-consider some of their items on their buffet menu such as fried items (if the quality of the food is that )
poor, even the oil can't cover it's horrible taste of the meat/wontons). On the positive side, I was very glad to see they served salmon belly which was delicious! Just order salmon belly and sushi related foods such as their sashimi, sushi, rolls and you will be fine. I guess this place is ok if you're in the area and it's convenient. Would I visit this place? Hmmm... only if I'm in the area or I'm craving for specifically for some salmon belly and sushi.

For more information:

Aji Sai Japanese Restaurant
Address: 467 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2A9
Phone:(416) 603-3366

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