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Friday, January 8, 2016

Bellissimo Pizzaria & Ristorante #2

Hello Pizza Lovers!

I try to make my own pizza at home. Sometimes I have pizza cravings that just comes out of nowhere and I'm in the King Street area.

So once in a while, I order Pizza from Bellissimo because I dislike the pizza at the St. Lawrence Market where the fresh pasta shop is. 

I ordered a vegetarian pizza. 

Along with a tomato and sausage pizza.

And a Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken.This wasn't the best nor the worst. It was edible. I just wasn't impressed. Perhaps it was the fact that I observed an senior Caucasian man, opening up a tub of already cooked pasta and putting it on a frying pan. There was barely any fettuccine alfredo sauce on the pasta. The only thing that was fresh was the grilled chicken. I have made Fettuccine Alfredo pasta at home with jarred sauces and that was better than Bellissimo's pasta. Never again! 

I guess you have to know what to order.

My opinion changes about this place a little. I would say this place really deserves a 3.5/5.0. Just stick with the pizzas and you will be alright. Yes, I have read reviews and people visited here and observed drunk, lonely men and its no Hipster joint. If you look at their customers inside, most of them are Caucasian, seniors and men. I guess it depends what time and time of the year you arrive as well, Yes, special sports events will attract more men to this pizza restaurant. If you're bothered by the human atmosphere, you can always get delivery, take out or pick up. 

For more information:

Bellissimo Pizzaria & Ristorante
Address: 164 The Esplanade Toronto, ON M5A 4H2
Phone: (416) 869-9191

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