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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Congee Time #2

Hello Chinese food fans!

I have visited this place on April 29, 2015. After being fed real, excellent, authentic Chinese food for a while my taste in food had significantly changed. 

I came to realize that Congee Time is mainly an Americanized Chinese food restaurant. This place is located at a convenient location which is a bit west of Finch Station.
The view from the outside. 

When it gets really busy the people wait for take-out or to dine-in sit here.

So I arrived right when they opened. I'm the first one in! :D

I ordered seafood chow mein. This came after 15 minutes placing the order. I was relieved that it came quick after reading the negative reviews. 

It was good, They can ease up on the salt and MSG. I remember drinking a lot of tea.

I ordered Beef Sliced Beef Congee. I could have added more ginger and green onions but that is just my preference. 

It was alright. I added a lot of spices to my congee afterwards. 

Minced Beef Rice Noodle Roll needed to be wrapped tighter. It also could have been steamed longer. I prefer mines to be fully cooked. They don't know how to make dim sum in their kitchen.

I would give this place 2.5/5.0. It was clean, service was fast because I arrived early in the morning. Just order congee and the turnip cakes. Either I dislike the quality of the food and/or the quality of how it was cooked. I probably won't be returning to this restaurant. 

If you look at my older blog entry: , you can tell just by looking at the photo of the Fried Rice Noodles with beef in Black Bean Sauce is swimming in junk. Diluted black bean sauce with a lot of MSG and Corn starch. This is so uncool Congee Time. 

I just can't seem to be delighted with Chinese food located in Toronto anymore because most of the good Chinese restaurant relocated to Thornhill, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Scarborough and Markham. They can no longer pay for the increased rent and they flee to other distant towns of Toronto. It's sad but true. 

For more information:

Congee Time

Address: 5817 Yonge St, North York, ON M2M
Phone:(416) 225-6688

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