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Friday, January 8, 2016

Home of Hot Taste

Hello Spicy Fans!

A friend recommend the Home of Hot Taste near Doncaster and Yonge (its a bit west of Yonge and Steeles). She loved their fried chicken and their bamboo baked salt. I liked it so much, she had taken me twice to Home of Hot Taste. These photos are from November 28, 2014.

We ordered original half chicken and chicken with sweet sour sauce ...

When we looked around majority of their visitors were young Korean females. Was it possible that the young, handsome male Korean servers were attracting them? I am unsure but it was noted that they were handsome. ;P


Pickled Sweet radish to chase away the spicy and the grease from the chicken. 

Salad, similar to what the sushi restaurants serve.

She ordered Sausage and spicy grilled chicken. 

I tried a bite of both meats. It was delicious! I believe the sausage has some pork in it.

I couldn't believe how spicy she ate her chicken. I tried one bite and immediately, it was like I stepped into a sauna then I was I was lying down getting a facial and they were steaming my face. My pores opened up and I felt myself sweating in my face. 

We ordered fries. It was a small amount but we were aware there was more food coming our way. Hmmm... I think next time instead of fries, I would order a bowl of rice. They were just regular frozen fries. I thought rice would be a healthier option but was curious about their fries .

This is something I need to clarify next time I visit Home of the Hot Taste. I think they put in some garlic in their sweet and sour chicken. I LOVE Garlic so I didn't have a problem with how it tasted. I was actually impressed they snuck in some fresh garlic which made this an ultra fantastic dish. 

Both Chickens arrived at the table hot and fresh. I had to wait a minute to allow the chicken to cool down. Their normal/regular chicken was lightly battered and mild. I dipped my chicken in the bamboo baked salt. 

I cannot believe I had forgotten to take a picture of the salt. It looked like course salt with black pepper. It is pure ADDICTION! I joked that it was addictive as Blue Sky crack cocaine from the show Breaking Bad. It didn't help that if you request these salts to go, they package it like crack (just like what Jessie Pinkman is holding in the picture but in clear, small, plastic ziploc bags). It's so addictive, I get a hunch people were asking if it's shards of MSG because Home of Hot Taste had a sign somewhere that states they do not use MSG. Wow! 

Photos were stolen from the net, but couldn't resist! 

Anyways, I need to clarify something before someone visits this place and gets disappointed.
Hot Taste's Chicken is smaller and lighter on your belly than what you normally see from KFC, Popeyes chicken and other hot wings and fried chicken franchises in Toronto. Koreans don't like to eat things that are heavy feeling in your belly. Or having a hard time getting up after a meal.

Sweet and Sour chicken was delicious!
By the time the meal ended, we consumed more of the sweet and sour chicken. 

One thing I had observed during my both visits, This place is extremely well staffed. They provide plenty of attention to their food, ensure waters are refills without the guests raising their hands half the time. The place was clean, Their washrooms were clean. Food was excellent! I would give this place 4.5 out of 5.0. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys fried chicken and wants to try Korea's take on fried chicken. I am definitely planning to return to this Home of Hot Taste sometime. To those who can take more heat than Popeyes Chicken in Spicy, this is a place for you to go.

For more information:

Home of Hot Taste
Address: 5 Glen Cameron Road Markham, ON L3T 2A9
Phone number: (905) 881-0230

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