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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Irish Embassy Pub Grill #2

Hello Pub Lovers!

So I've returned to the Irish Pub on July 11, 2015 because I was craving for Irish Nachos.

The place is well kept and very clean. 

First, I've ordered Irish Nachos and Chicken Wings because I've enjoyed it so much during my first visit.
The chicken wings tasted alright but it didn't stand out.

Sheppard's Pie (Beef) with a Fresh Salad. 

The pie was okay. Just my preference, I would like to see more colourful vegetables in the pie. 

I would give Irish Embassy 3.0/5.0. They always have good servers here. The place was well maintained and clean. The food is alright. I was hoping that they replaced the guacamole dip for the nachos with a new dip. I wish I saw a bit more creativity in their ingredients. 

For more information:

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill
Address: 49 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1J1
Phone:(416) 866-8282

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