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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Le Papillon on Front

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I visited Le Papillion on November 21, 2015.

Danny had recommended visiting this French Restaurant. 

I usually don't care so much about decor but this place was lovely! The asian male host showed us to our table. 

Poutine on Front
Fries with fresh squeaky cheese curds swimming  French Onion Soup.
Now, I had this twice and each time it tasted different. 

My first time (as shown in the photos above), the fries remained crispy and there wasn't too much soup. 

My second time, the poutine arrive soggy and really salty from the excessive soup. The remaining soup was consume with the bread.
I prefer the first method of how they created the poutine.

Seafood Stew
It was a creamy soup. To my surprise, it didn't smell nor taste fishy. It had bits of shrimp, tomato, carrots and other seafood. It was delicious! 

Cornish Hen with truffle mushroom risotto and seasonal vegetables (bok choi and potato wedges). The red cabbage tasted like cranberries. That was very refreshing. The cornish hen was stuff with the risotto rice. It was a delicious surprise! The chicken meat itself tasted like any ordinary piece of chicken.

Beef bourguignon crepe
I tried a bite. It was my first savoury crepe. The beef bourguignon was tasty but the crepe was too sweet for my liking. It was like eating a Jamaican patty without the flakiness. This dish doesn't really stand out.

Creme Brulee
I actually ordered Bailey's Creme Brulee. When I took my first bite two things ran into my head:
1. It's not Bailey's Creme Brulee
2. It's FRESH Creme Brulee

Le Papillion deserved 3.5/5.0. I took off a point when they brought the wrong dessert and error on the bill. When I informed my server that this wasn't Bailey's Creme Brulee and it was just a regular creme brulee, the server did not correct the bill. Not that it was a huge deal but we were overcharged by a few dollars. Most of their food was delicious. I was aware that most of their food items were not authentic French Food and it had more of a modern twist. Le papillion was a romantic, candle light dinner surrounded by other couples. Other customers were Caucasian and was a mix of families, couples, young adults, older adults and seniors. The male server was friendly, treated me like a princess and at times were hard to grasp his attention. He was very busy that night.

Despite all that occurred, this is my new go to place for poutine and creme brulee. I NEVER tasted Creme Brulee this fresh before. The taste of how fresh or old dairy is cannot lie to your tongue. I will return again in the future.

For more information:

Address: 69 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1B5
Phone: (416) 367-0303


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