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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Random AstroBoy Car + Buk Chang Dong

Hello Curious Eaters!

On June 28, 2014, I was walking around and I saw a car with AstroBoy decal all over it. 

Dad was interested in going to Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu and it was a warm day outside. 
There are usually young, male servers at this restaurant. I think it's due to the fact that the server needs to deal with heavy bowls with water or hot soup. 

We were lucky to arrive at the time when it was empty. This place can fill up pretty fast! Especially from Fall to Winter. There usually is a line up after 5pm because nothing fills you up like a hearty bowl of soup which you can custom the spice level from mild to very spicy and it lands on your table visibly boiling.

Korean Side Dishes

Korean Soy Bean Sprouts

Fried Soy Beans, seasoned in sweet soy sauce

Cabbage Kimchi

Radish Kimchi

Note: They provide you one raw egg per bowl of soup. You have to crack the egg into your soup as soon as your soup lands on your table to allow the egg to cook to your liking. 

 White steamed rice mixed with wild rice giving it that interesting lavender colour. 

Vegetable Soon Dubu Soup in Mild

Seafood Soon Tofu in Spicy

Kimchi Soon Tofu in medium Spicy

My bowl of soup was wonderful. I usually order just the Veggie Soup in Mild because the temperature of the soup itself gets my sinuses cleared and my face starts to perspire. 

Yum! I think the Egg and the Tofu are the best parts of the soup! 

Broiled Korean BBQ (Beef) on a sizzling plate. Dad wasn't satsified with the amount of seafood meat in his soup so he insisted we eat more meat. 

And then he insisted he drink Soju. Immediately, I gestured no. He kept on saying yes. I struggled drinking on shot on soju. I remember I couldn't stop coughing. I stopped after my first shot of soju. I watch my dad (late 60's) in amusement as he drank 75% of Korean Soju. 

As the meal comes to an end, rice water! Either you like it or you hate it. 

It's pretty much the scrap parts of the rice stuck at the bottom of the bowl. It's not burnt. It's pretty much well toasted. You can taste a contrast of something toasted, some hard parts of the rice and some soft mushy parts of the rice. It's definitely an interesting flavour. And when you drink the remaining water, it tastes like toast or roasted rice flavoured water. 

I would give this place 4.0/5.0. This is a casual cheap eats restaurant near Christie Station. It's good to visit this place when you are very hungry and you want a hearty meal, especially on a cold day. Usually, a bowl of soup is under what's currently minimum wage and you get fresh veggies on your plate/bowl of soup. An average person will walk out feeling full. It's clean and the staff members are friendly and helpful. 
If you don't like spicy no problem, Order your soup in mild like me. Or you can order the other two food items that aren't spicy (The Bukgeki or Korean Broiled BBQ). Their wash-rooms are usually ok and don't really have a big problem with it but they should consider new toilets and sinks. 

For more information:

Address: 691 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G, Canada
Phone Number: (416) 537-6972

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