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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

RIP-The Indian Hut

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a good winter break! I got a lot of good food and rest during my break.
So I'm time travelling back to my old blogs that I have saved and wasn't done editing photos.
Let's see....
Whoa! That was way back on June 25, 2014

I stumbled across a Groupon deal and decided to try out an Indian Buffet called The Indian Hut. Sadly its closed. I had a memorable time at that restaurant and wanted to visit again . 

Regular visiting prices were reasonable.

They had beautiful interior decorations. 

I had to try their mango lassi. It was one of the best I had in a long time. 

Buffet alley was beautiful and well organized! If you look carefully, there were small signs with little male chefs indicating the names of the dishes. It was cute! 

All of the dishes that I had tried were good. It's really a shame that they had to close down. 

 You may find this weird but I do like eggplants. 
I usually crave for Butter Chicken every 1-3 months. Just thinking about this is making me drool! 

I had forgotten to ask the server the name of this carrot salad. It was the best! :D
Next time I see my South Asian friend, I gotta ask her if she know what this salad is called. 

The carrot salad was a bit sweet and and this licorice aroma to it. Even though, it was 2 years ago, I can remember how is tasted. I think this carrot salad is an excellent way to get children to eat their vegetables. I recall I got up for more of this carrot salad. I have NEVER observed this carrot herbed salad being served in Indian buffets. I usually see the cubed carrot pickled in a sweet syrup but to me this seemed like a separate dish. 

Yum! I'm daydreaming of samosa and fresh naan! I can't resist those two! 

Ah Soup! Another thing that I usually do not see  at an Indian Buffet. Their Lentil Soup was excellent! I recall getting thirds.
There was so many things I want to learn how to cook. Indian Lentil Soup is on top of my list of recipes I should research. It was creamy. A hint of sweetness and curry flavour. I LOVED it! 

Well, I guess it's time for me to research on another Indian Buffet I would like to visit. 

For more information:


The Indian Hut
636 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2G3
(416) 934-0235

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