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Monday, January 11, 2016

Suhko Thai Wellington #2

Hello Sukho Thai Fans!

I have visited Suhko Thai on Wellington again! That was on June 19, 2015.

My first entry of Sukhi Thai:

People with mobility devices may need to do delivery or somehow make arrangements to pick up and pay in cash . It appears Suhko Thai is currently using a downloadable app for you to order Take-Out.

 I love the atmosphere!

Khao Soi
Yellow noodles swimming in curry gravy with chicken

I'm never disappointed in their noodle soup dishes! 
I love this dish because I enjoy mild curries with coconut milk. It's this lovely dreamy, creamy, smooth soup with a curry taste. It is sweet savoury type of curry. 

Want a bite?

Gaeng Masaman Curry with Beef
Masaman Curry with peanuts, potatoes,tamarind  sauce, onions and
deep fried garlic

Another very delicious dish! Red curry infused into coconut milk with more of a peanutty taste.I guess my favourite part would be the peanuts and the potatoes. I believe you can request a certain spicy level with this dish if you particularly enjoy it mild or spicy.

SukhoTHAI Pad Thai 
It's rice noodles with peanuts, long leaf, lime, egg, bean sprouts and your choice of protein. I believe this was vegetarian tofu version. 

See! I told you it's not bright red pad Thai, 

After trying SukhoTHAI Pad Thai, I NEVER ordered Pad Thai in the AMC Centre or anywhere else. They load their rice noodles on cheap, sweet and sour syrup giving it that un-natural red colour to their pad thai noodles. 

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