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Monday, January 18, 2016

The Rogue Restaurant and Bar #2

Hello everyone!

This is a perfect example of how the your first time can be magical, memorable meal and your second time was unpleasant.
I visited The Rogue on November 27, 2015

My boyfriend and I were seated in the small booth (bottom right photo). Something strange occurred. I had to request the server at least 3 times for a new fork. It seemed as if her clean fork bin were filled with dirty forks. 

The Brie Melt was ordered once again but I'm afraid it may be my last. The pastry dough was uncooked. When I requested the Brie Melt to be cooked longer, the same brie melt with the uncooked dough landed on our table. So we ended up paying full price for this dish, took it home to see if it would cook and strangely there was something wrong with the dough itself. It didn't not cook at home. I ended up discarding it. 

It seems like the only thing they can cook well are their burgers.
After this unpleasant experience, I don't think I will be returning to The Rogue.

For more Information:

Address: 284 Richmond St E, Toronto, 
ON M5A 1P4
Phone:(416) 868-9595

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