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Saturday, January 9, 2016

The WORKS- Wellington #2

Dear Hamburger Lovers,

I visited The WORKS on Wellington in downtown on Jan. 26, 2015. I was having sudden craving for a burger. 

I tried something different with my pictures and made a collage. 
I ordered pumpkin pie milkshake. The consistency was perfect and it was delicious!

I miss the Montreal Smoked Meat Poutine from The WORKS. I am unsure why they discontinued them. I hope one day they bring them back. This is Poutini Martini which composed of chopped onion rings which they started going skimpy on, cheese curds, gravy and fries. I need to start looking for a new Poutini place. Their poutinis were good but I am observing it's slowly going down the drain. 

One order of Red House.

The Red House includes vegetarian toppings such as
Fresh red peppers, avocado, Beechhouse sauce & havarti cheese. She said it wasn't anything special and she probably won't order it again because it didn't stand out. 

I did this to my burger bun.

I ordered the Plain Jane it's just a burger on a bun. I know..... I know.... it's boring but I was in a plain, boring mood. I requested for pickles, tomato, lettuce. I got onions out of nowhere. 

My burger was alright.I was just in a strange mood not to have a lot of flavours on my burger. 


I got a side of spicy die chips which was really good. 

I would give this place 3.0 out of 5.0. I've been coming here for two years and their food quality and customer service is going down the drain. I noticed that when it's busy times (after 4PM), the servers aren't too attentive, screw up your order, and it's very difficult to get servers' attention for something simple such as a water refill or asking for the bill. I suggest visiting The WORKS but avoid rush hour times but who wants to do that? They have to hire a busboy who clears tables and refills water. This place is poorly managed staff wise. Either they hired more servers accountable for less amount of tables or the busboy. You can feel the servers' stress whenever you interact with them and they are sure burnt out. 
I believe this is the second or the third last time I visited The WORKS in 2015.

If you do visit this particular location, here is what I really thought.

I got sick from eating a Juicy Lucy. I recall asking to fully cook the burger because it was pink inside and the female server kept on saying the cook temps all burgers. Whatever it was, the grease or the pink meat or both. I could not digest it. 

The Hipster Burger was tasty.

Babewatch was alright.

The Beverly Hills Lawsuit was an excellent breakfast burger because it got an egg inside. 

Gotta be KD Burger was bland. I didn't like it.

First Date Burger, it tasted weird. Then I realized they forgot the garlic and it was bland without it.

Pony express burger was just weird with horseradish in the burger.

Son of a beech is great but I request for no feta cheese in mine. 

They removed what I believe what was called, "Sweet Ride" Which had brie cheese and a grilled canned or jarred pear. That was my favourite burger and now it's gone. I would return to visit if they bring this particular burger back.

For more information:

Address: 60 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON M5E 1C7
Phone: (416) 594-9675

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