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Saturday, January 16, 2016

The WORKS- Wellington #3

Hello everyone!

I visited The WORKS on Wellington on August ‎9, ‎2015.

It was noted that they beganto provide less onion rings than usual.

What is going on The WORKS?
You went from serving Smoked Meat (Beef) Poutine to Skimpy Pountine Martini (Fries, Onion rings, gravy and cheese curds).

It may appear good. It's a mediocre ok. This is no longer my go-to place for Poutine. 

The strawberry short cake sundae was a mediocre ok. It tasted like stale shortcake pieces with store bought ice cream. 

The service was horrible that day I recall. We tried to get the server's attention for about five times. I don't see myself visiting here in the future. 

For more information:
The WORKS-Wellington
Address: 60 Wellington Street East, Toronto, ON M5E 1C7
Phone:(416) 594-9675

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