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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Neo Coffee Bar #3

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Hello Neo Fans!
I've dropped by at Neo Coffee Bar on February 27, 2016.

I loved the Matcha White Chocolate Roll Cake. It was soft, fresh and spongy. The cream filling is to die for. I wish I learned how to make roll cakes like these! It's stated on the website that there are raspberries and there weren't any in my order. 

Orange Dark Chocolate Roll Cake

This was Danny's favourite! The chocolate flavour was strong (good). Similarly how coffee behaves in the mouth. Yep, that kind of aroma. It has a strong chocolate taste followed by orange notes. It reminded me of the chocolate, Terry's Chocolate Orange where you have to smash it.There was also chocolate inside. I am unsure but the chocolate pieces that you see was in between a very rich chocolate candy and or dense chocolate mousse. It melted like butter in my mouth.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie
This was a firm, full of texture, savory cookie. I wasn't expecting this so I was taken by surprise. You see those white sprinkles? It's salt. When I tried it, I understood they were trying to balance out the sugar and bring out sweet flavour. The cookie was alright. I would have preferred it without the salt on top.

Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookie
This was another interesting surprise. You see those red round things on top of the cookie? Those are red pepper corns. I actually preferred this cookie. The flavour of the ginger, molasses and red pepper were able to get along on my tongue. This was a soft cookie that was a breathe of fresh air. I never had anything like this. This stands out in my mind.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Neo Coffee Bar #2

NEO COFFEE BAR Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Hello Neo Fans!

I went today to Neo Coffee Bar because I was craving for a roll cake.

I wanted to try out a different flavour.  So I bought the Matcha White Chocolate cookies and roll cake. You can see how the cookie cracked as it baked in the oven. 

I took a bite and I was like, "Oh no! I forgot to take a picture!"
My first thoughts were, "Holy shit! This has the same pick me up feeling as one does when they eat tiramisu." It was fresh, soft and crumbled perfectly in my mouth. The flavour matcha was flavorful. Some part of my brain lit up as I continued to chew. I felt more alert. This is my new favourite cookie in Toronto! I licked the crumbs off of my plate! 

In my opinion, this is a perfect cookie!

I'm saving this for tonight's dessert! I haven't tried it but I have a strong intuition, it will be a slice of heaven and paradise.

For more information:
Neo Coffee Bar 
Address: 161 Frederick St, Toronto, ON M5A 4P1
Phone:(647) 348-8811

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Rogue Restaurant and Bar #4

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Hello Rib Fans!
I have visited The Rogue on February 17, 2016. 

I am unsure what's going on but their website appears to be closed. Danny says every week they have Beef Ribs Wednesday. He thinks you can only order this on a Wednesday.

I ordered Beef Ribs with Coleslaw and Greek Salad. Everything was fresh and the ribs! It's just packed with flavour. I am still trying to figure out what is this fruity taste in the rib sauce.  

The beef was so soft, it could fall right out of the bone. 

The beef ripped off perfectly and it was feathery. You can see each meat fiber. The rib sauce tasted sweet, salty, sour and fruity and the meat was marinated well. 

I would recommend their beef ribs to anyone who enjoys savory meat. It is a hot and messy meal. I ended up using my hands to eat the ribs. I was so full after!

For more information:

The Rogue Restaurant and Bar 
Address: 284 Richmond St E, Toronto, 
ON M5A 1P4
Phone:(416) 868-9595

Sunday, February 21, 2016

St. Lawrence Market - Eve's Temptations

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Hello Sweet Tooths!

I have dropped by at St. Lawrence Market's The Eve's Temptations. It's located on the lower floor of the market. 

These are the desserts that I have tried and enjoyed. 

These mousse desserts are dreamy, creamy, heavenly in your mouth. 

 If I had to pick one, it would be the White Chocolate Mousse. 

If you're hankering for something sweet and it's a Saturday, their brownies are great treat.

This is my favourite brownie at Eve's Temptations. Behold, the Skor Brownie!  I don't like super sweet things but this is hard to resist! It has a wonderful texture of shards of Skor on top, with nuts and caramel. The brownie is firm but is bursting with chocolaty flavour. 

Danny and I bought this pie for a Thanksgiving Dinner and it tasted stale. A lot of their desserts become stale fast because the way how it's stored. You might have a better chance of getting fresh desserts on a Tuesday. 

For more information:

St. Lawrence Market - Eve's Temptations
Address: 95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C2
Phone:(416) 366-7437

Saturday, February 20, 2016

St. Lawrence Market - Kozlik's Canadian Mustard

Hello Avid Mustard Fans!

I have visited the St. Lawrence Market on February 13, 2016 and February 20, 2016. 

Bring at least $10. Currently you can buy three super fresh, cheesy, mustard sticks for $10. You initially maybe like, "Whoa! That is a rip off!" I actually do not like mustard but will eat it if it's from Kozlik's. You can even say it is life-changing mustard.

*A parody of the song Destiny's Child - Bootylicious* 

Baby, can you handle this?
Corelle plates, can you handle this?
I don't think you can handle this!

If the bread stick was an inch or two longer, I don't think the Corelle plate can handle it! I'm actually serious now. 

Note the cheesy crunchy bubbles.

I got mines poppin' fresh from their oven (they sold out so I waited for a fresh batch). It had a wonderful crunch when I bit into it. 

I also wanted to show its fluffy texture. Yes, those are whole mustard seeds embedded in fluffy centered goodness of the bread. So it's a very interesting texture. Double Crunch... Fluffy... This photo is making me hungry! 

You can try all flavours with pretzel sticks for free!

You can also sample peameal bacon with the mustard. 

I personally prefer the sweet mustards. 

If you try a sample of their mustard sticks, you might not be able to leave without purchasing them. Just warning you. 

So I bought three mustard sticks at 9AM and wow! I see a huge quality difference! There is more mustard and cheese inside! There is their Dijon Mustard inside the roll and brushed outside. They used Triple Crunch Mustard inside the dough. 

I highly recommend visiting on a Saturday morning before 10AM. Why?

A) They sell these wonderful breadsticks only on Saturdays.
B) You will get the better batch.
C) By the time it is 11AM, all of the good stuff are sold/packed.
D) They sell out fast so you might have to wait for the next batch. The early bird gets the worm!

Address: 93 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3
Phone:(416) 361-9788


Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Cupcake Shoppe

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Hello everyone!
I've visited The Cupcake Shopped on February 12, 2016. It's located at Yonge and Eglinton. 

Danny kept on talking about this place. It was and still is his favourite cupcake shop. 

Strawberries n' Cream
Strawberry and vanilla buttercream on a vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam

This was our personal favourite. I didn't really pay attention to the signs and got assorted cupcakes. So it was a nice surprise when I bit into the cupcake to discover there was jam inside.  

Cookie D'ough
Cookie dough buttercream on a chocolate chip vanilla cupcake

This was my second favourite! There were small chucks of apples embedded in the cupcake. 

Other cupcake flavours that were sold that day were:

Frost Me 
Vanilla frosting on a marble cupcake 

Yonge n' Eligible
Vanilla buttercream on a chocolate or a vanilla cupcake

Opposites Attract
Chocolate frosting on a vanilla cupcake

Pretty n' Pink
Raspberry buttercream on a raspberry or chocolate cupcake 

Red Velvet
Cream cheese frosting on a red velvet cupcake

Confetti Craving
Vanilla icing on a vanilla confetti cupcake 

Cocoa Channel
Chocolate buttercream on a chocolate cupcake 

I would rate this place 3.0/5.0. I personally prefer Prairie Girl cupcakes because I love buttercream. There needs to be a lot of it to feel like a real treat. I will return in the future to The Cupcake Shoppe because I tried their cupcakes after it was refrigerated. I felt that it probably lost most of it's freshness and flavour so I would like to give it another chance. 

For more information:

The Cupcake Shoppe
Address: 2417 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2E7
Phone:(416) 322-6648

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Grazie Ristorante #3

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Hello Grazie Fans!

I've visited Grazie on February 12, 2016. It's located at Yonge & Eglinton.

The restaurant had a nice sunlight entering the room. 
When I looked around, there were couples, families and guys hanging out in the restaurant. 

Carrot and Ginger Soup 
Danny and I were in for a surprise! This soup perfect for the cold Canadian weather. It's even better if you butter up the bread and then you dip it in the soup. Danny was complaining the bread was too hard. So we dunk most of the bread in soup and it was easier to eat and it just tasted better. 

Pizza Margherita
I specifically asked for garlic on the pizza. Oh my God! The pizza was so delicious that it reminded me of my home made pizza. The difference was this was baked in the wood fired oven and this pizza tasted more simple than mines. It was still a beautiful dish! I'm definitely going to order pizza again next time I visit. 

Gnocchi bathing in tomato sauce with ricotta cheese on top

Good as before! 

It was nice and fluffy and the rich creamy cheese enrobed in each gnocchi. 

Spagetti noodles with tomato sauce 

Simple but delicious!

These were just lovely! 
I'm glad that I've tried out different dishes that day. I would rate Grazie Ristorante 4.0/5.0. The service was great. I never had to ask for water refills because the server swiftly done that without me asking. The food here is simple Italian food and it's fresh! I mean fresh pasta noodles and fresh sauce! Once you try their food, you probably won't go back to your Italian restaurant that you usually hangout in. 

P.S~ If you get Jack as your server, you're very lucky. He is a very nice server!

For more information:
Grazie Ristorante
Address: 2373 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2C8
Phone:(416) 488-0822

Saturday, February 13, 2016

G For Gelato

'G' For Gelato and Espresso Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Hello everyone! 
I have visited G for Gelato on February 11, 2016. 

It's atmosphere was loud at the time I visited. There was a mix of young and old folks. There was a huge group of senior Italian folks laughing at something. I wish I understood Italian so I can hear their joke. 

The gelato sign that was cutten off is Vanilla Rose Water.

There was a $5 OFF credit on my Ritual App on my phone so I decided to get a Large cappuccino. I tasted a lot of burnt beans.

I would rate 3.0/5.0. from this trip. The place was clean and the staff was friendly. I didn't like their cappuccino. I would have to make a second trip to try out their pizza and gelato.

For more information:

G For Gelato
Address: 75 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5C 2H2
Phone:(416) 792-1761