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Monday, February 1, 2016

Bombay Palace Buffet

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Hello everyone!
I've returned to Bombay Palace for dinner buffet on January 10, 2016. I was curious to see what they served.

YouTube Video:

Danny and I arrived on time. We waited in the cold, then realized they weren't going to open on time. So we ended up calling them asking them to open the doors.

Lentil Soup
Avoid trying this. This was my second time trying their soup. It was so salty. 

Top: Salad/Sauce/Pickle Bar
Left: Regular Naan Bread
Right: Different types of Salads
Danny enjoyed everything. He recalls their salads were fresh, crunchy and appetizing. The brown thing is a mysterious pickle which wasn't his cup of tea.

Left: Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, Classic Basmati Pulan Rice and Vegetarian Samosas (Frozen, not handmade)
Right: Salad, Naan, Fried Fish (I personally put some Butter Chicken Gravy on top. I know, I'm obsessed with Butter Chicken)

Their chickpea salad was absolutely addictive! It was creamy, sweet and it had a small kick of spice. 

Naan, Curry Goat, Mixed Vegetable Korma, Vegetable Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce (Kadhi Pakoda)

Rice Pudding (Kheer) with spices and pistachio nuts and Mango Custard with puréed rice and chopped strawberries
They were both wonderful desserts. This was a breathe of fresh air. I need to consider signing up for Indian cooking classes. 

For the buffet experience, I would rate it 3.5/5.0. I did notice a quality difference with their butter chicken. They didn't add as much spices as they did when I ordered butter chicken a la carte a few days ago. 90% of their food items were great and we had the opportunity to try different Indian dishes. I kept on eating butter chicken with naan. To me, eating Indian food is quiet therapeutic and love the types of environments Indian Restaurants create. It's so relaxing. 
I also loved their paneer, chickpea salad, tandoori chicken. I recall having their Kheer and Mango Custard twice. I think nursing homes should consider these desserts. The seniors would go crazy over these flavoured puddings and custards. I personally prefer Bombay Palace over Manderin Buffet any day. The servers were so nice and attentive. It wasn't too busy that day. I observed a lot of couples (young and old) dropping by for a bite. I'm definitely returning in the future. 

List of what was served that day
Soup: Lentil soup
Salad/Sauce/Dessert Bar: Aloo Papdi Chaat
Mango Chutney
Assorted Pickles
Mint Sauce
Hot Sauce
Pickled Carrots
Tamarind Sauce
Salad (Red Peppers, cucumbers, lettuce)
Potato Salad
Boiled Spinach
Mango Custard
Rice Pudding
Assorted Ice Cream

Main Buffet Stand:
Regular Naan Bread
Tandoori Chicken
Fried Fish
Butter Chicken
Goat Curry
Mix Vegetable Korma
Saag Paneer
Sweet and Sour Aubergine
Chickpeas Masala
Vegetable Dumplings in Yogurt Sauce
Pulao Rice
Vegetable Samosa

For more information:
Address: 71 Jarvis St, Toronto, ON M5C 2H2
Phone:(416) 368-8048

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