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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Seafood Lovers, please go here! - Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant #2

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Dear Seafood Lovers, please go here to satisfy your food dreams and cravings for fresh seafood. 
It is worth every dollar, there is nothing like this in Toronto/GTA and it is the best in town! I've visited this place on January 30, 2016 with a large group of friends (6 people).

Fine dining atmosphere
This is perfect for family social functions, romantic dinners and hanging out with friends. The medium to large tables have a Lazy Susan.

Top: Lobster
Left and Centre: King Crab 
Right: Southern Flounder

 The server allowed us to get close up and personal with our dinner.  Then we began our meal with sweet corn and egg drop soup.

Deep Fried Oyster in Honey Pepper Sauce

From my past experience, I had bad oysters which made me dislike them. I decided to be open-minded to take a bite. The syrup was so thick and sweet that it masked the oyster taste. It tasted like a really good piece of sweet and sour chicken. I blurted out, "It tastes like chicken!" and a couple of people laughed.
It was addictive! I ate a second piece of oyster when no one was looking. 

 Left tower: King Crab in Hong Kong Style (Dried Garlic, Deep Fried Whitebait, Pepper Flakes and Green Onions)

Far right tower: Fried Lobster with Dry Garlic 

Everyone at the table were all smiles!

 They were both mind-blowing delicious! My friends said they were both tasty, fresh, chewy (the good kind), savoury dishes. 

I personally enjoyed the King Crab a bit more (it was seriously a close call) because the meat was bouncier and naturally sweeter. Both dishes, had garlic well-locked into the meat.

Everyone had a good laugh at the table as he posed. 
By the way, you have the option to put on clear, plastic gloves if you like. Each table was supplied with a box full of gloves. 

Can you see the tiny deep fried fishes at the bottom of the plate? They are called Whitebait. Try a spoonful of these!

Top: Steamed Green Bass with Scallions, Cilantro and Sweetened Soy Sauce
Left:  Fried Rice with Lobster Roe, Lobster Brains, Scallions garnished with Kai Lan (Chinese Broccoli)
Right: Poached Snow Pea Tips with Goji Berries

The poached vegetables did not stand out. It didn't matter because everyone was full. It was my first time trying out the Goji Berries. The Goji berries tasted as if they were originally dehydrated state and as it cooked, it plumped up. They tasted like miniature prunes with bitter notes and a few crunchy textures from the seeds. Instinctively, it tasted pretty healthy.

The bass was white, fresh, tender and had a mild fishy taste. 

Someone taught me that the fish's cheek is highly prized section. He recalled during his childhood fighting his siblings for the cheek. The cheek tasted like a clean, ever so slightly more dense and yet still pretty tender piece of fish. I turned the fish over and for some reason, it did not have a second cheek.

Dessert was a sweet, smooth, warm soup-like dish made up of white rice, cashews, sugar and water. I loved this dish! It's a mild dessert and it was similar to a custard but it was dairy-free.

A recap of what we ordered:

Combo G (Light Green Menu) - Special King Crab Dinner (For 6-7 people)
Special Daily Soup
King Crab (6 lbs) in Hong Kong Style (Dried Garlic, White Bait Fish, Pepper Flakes and Green Onions)
Fried Lobster with Dry Garlic 
Oyster with Honey Pepper Sauce (8pcs)
Steamed Green Bass with Scallions, Cilantro and Soy sauce (1.5 lbs)
Poached Snow Pea Tips with Goji Berries
Fried Rice with Lobster Roe, Lobster Brains and Scallions

**Fishman Lobster Clubhouse is a very popular seafood restaurant fine within the Asian community and was featured on Food Network. Be sure to arrive before 4:00 PM and/or make reservations in advance.**

The Clubhouse deserves 5.0/5.0 despite their appetizers being not memorable. We came here for seafood not soup and vegetables.  This is the BEST place to go for seafood. The food is remarkably good. This is the only place that pulls off captured live seafood in tank in a very glamour way with a beautiful fine dining vibe. Here, everything is clean, bright and well maintained. The servers were very attentive, friendly and took care of us. We barely asked for tea refills because they checked on their own. The empty shells stacked up fast but our servers automatically took our plates full of empty shells and replenished them with fresh, clean plates. I had observed the servers had walkie talkies attached to their uniform. It's crystal clear that they valued customer service and everything was well thought out to ensure a positive, memorable fine dining experience. I look forward to more in the future. 

For more information:
Fishman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant
Address: 680 Silver Star Blvd, Toronto, ON M1V 4S5
Phone:(416) 321-0250

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