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Friday, February 12, 2016

Nami Japanese Restaurant

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  Hello Sushi Lovers,

I have visited Nami Japanese Restaurant on February 11, 2016 which is located within the St. Lawrence area of Toronto. I specifically came for their Lunch Winterlicious Menu. I don't come here often but I have been visiting Nami since 2002.

People were hustling and there was a lot of bustling. It was the last day they were doing their Winterlicious Menu. 

I specifically asked if we can be seated in the booth. This was the booth we sat in. It had a very subjective Japanese framed picture on top.  

Small lunch salad with Miso soup

This fresh and crispy salad had iceberg lettuce, sliced radishes and a creamy mayo-ginger dressing on top. I LOVED the salad dressing. I wished that they put a bit more on top. 

This was Danny's first time at Nami. When he tried the salad, he immediately said, "So this is what every sushi restaurant in Toronto is trying to imitate!" It's true! I agreed with him. Danny had also noticed this miso soup wasn't super salty and he tasted some really mild sweet faint notes singing in the soup. 

Top: Appetizer Sushi 
Three pieces of sushi (tuna, salmon and boiled shrimp) and two pieces of spicy salmon roll

Bottom: Appetizer Sashimi
Two pieces of fresh Atlantic salmon sashimi and two pieces of tuna sashimi

I don't know what they did. But everything tasted buttery (in a good way). 

Someone had some serious knife skills in the Nami Kitchen! 

Sushi Pizza
Nami originated dish, flying fish roe with green onions, poppy seeds, marinated salmon sashimi, onions spicy sauce and deep fried sushi rice 

Nami has the freshest sushi you will ever taste. However, I don't exactly come here for the sushi. I come for their Sushi Pizza! 

I didn't taste the onions and there were no poppy seeds (Thank God!). The black caviar went very nicely with the fish roe. I loved it how this rice patty wasn't breaded then fried. The bottom is very crispy and chewy.
Did you know that Sushi Pizza is....*Drum Roll* CANADIAN?!
And a sushi restaurant in Montreal claimed she was the inventor of this dish?!
Oh my God!
You should read about Sushi Pizza  on wiki.

The juices from the fish roe were sweet!

We're halfway done the pizza and it's still lovely to look at! 

Sushi Moriawase
Five pieces of sushi (tuna, salmon, boiled shrimp, BC tuna and fluke) and three pieces of spicy salmon roll

Danny didn't like the fluke but I loved it. He didn't like the buttery taste for some reason. Me on the other hand, loved it!

By the way, there is a bit of wasabi in each piece of sushi. I didn't mind it, 

Salmon Teriyaki Lunch
A bowl of white rice (not shown)
Fresh Atlantic salmon fillet char-grilled with our house teriyaki sauce

Danny went crazy over the salmon! It was brushed with sweet soy sauce and the salmon was screaming, "I am a fresh piece of salmon and I am delicious!" It was tender, and even the skin was crispy and delicious! I HATE eating the skin of the fish and is often discarded but I actually ate some that day. 
Look at the sheer on those vegetables! They were soft enough for a senior to eat. 

Left: Nashi no compete (pear compote)
Right: Green Tea Bavarois

The pears were simmered and it tasted like they used Häagen-Dazs ice cream. It was ok.
I enjoyed my green tea dessert. The bavarois tasted similar to panna cotta dessert. A rich, creamy, jello-like dessert. 

Nami Japanese Restaurant deserves 4.5/5.0. They aren't Chinese or Koreans pretending to be Japanese. These people are really authentic Japanese people serving you and this was before Guu or Kinka Izakaya came. The place had one of the perfect ambience for a romantic meal, business or work related meals or just to hang out and drink. The place was very clean and well-maintained. The staff was polite, friendly our server was extremely attentive. We NEVER ask for water refills. He used his peripherals and took note to self to refill our water without us asking. 
It was rumoured that this sushi spot was Jackie Chan and Mariah Carey's favourite place for sushi in Toronto. I had also observed Samuel L. Jackson's (a major sushi fan) autograph on their wall about 8 years ago. They pulled all of their celebrity autographs and photos down. 

The food was amazing that day. Danny was impressed. He immediately said he wanted to return in the future someday. I am so happy after I ate at Nami. 

For more information: 

Nami Japanese Restaurant 
Address: 55 Adelaide St E, Toronto, ON M5C 1K6 
Phone:(416) 362-7373 Website:

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