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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Taste of Danforth 2014-Part One-Snacks I had

Hello Danforth Food Fans!

This is an old entry but I had to blog about the unforgeable calamari.
I have went to The Taste of Danforth on August 9, 2014.
It was a glorious sunny day as I snacked on different types of food.

My first snack was Off the Hook's Fish and Chips. I ordered two piece haddock with tartar sauce and chips. 

 I didn't like their fish because it was served soggy.

My second snack was Taste of the Silk Road Café's calamari with its vinaigrette. I enjoyed their fresh, delicious Hong Kong Style calamari during Taste of Danforth 2012. It's my #1 favourite snack during this food festival!  

It's unique because owner Margaret Hsien decided to serve purple and white, long calamari legs, the meat indicates it's super fresh and the flavourful vinaigrette is brilliant (Margaret knows her spices)!

It's truly is sad news that Taste of the Silk Road Café is currently closed. Just getting a glimpse of her calamari and vinaigrette, it's beautiful to the eye and in your mouth! I will be waiting for Margaret's future comeback. 

An article on her decision to close the restaurant.

My third snack was Megas' chicken souvlaki on a stick and spanakopita. I have tried it in 2012 and still felt this was the best during the food festival. It was well-seasoned, fresh and hot! 

My fourth snack, (well it was really a stop to shop for sweets to take home) was at Leonidas. They have wonderful products and food items. I have already taste of what they were like in 2012. Cote D'Or Chocolates are wonderful! I bought one of each flavour. 

My fifth snack was Mother's Dumplings' mushroom and chicken wontons. I recall not liking it. 

My sixth snack was at Akropolis Pies & Pastries.

 We ordered a baklava and spinach swirl. Oh my God! This was absolutely heaven!

These were quality, fresh, crispy pies. These snacks were audible crispy as my teeth broke into every layer. All you can hear is crunch and crackles. I'm definitely be looking for Akropolis' pies in the future. 

I can't wait for this year's Taste of Danforth! 

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