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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Raptors Basketball Game - March 8, 2016

Hello Raptors fans! 
This is a bit old entry. I was meaning up post it early but at the moment I've injured myself. 
Danny went to a Raptors game on March 8, 2016. It was Raptors VS. The Nets. 

He got a free ticket from his workplace and these were good seats.  It was his first time watching a basketball game live so he was pretty excited (and curious about the food vendors). I didn't go so I told him to take my camera and tell me about the experience. 

He was eyeing the Nathan's Dog House before he left home for the basketball game. 

His colleague was all hyped up about "The Sushi Burrito".

So they both ended up getting a Sushi Burrito. It had salmon sashimi, fake crab meat, avocado, roe, tempura flakes and maybe some mayonnaise. 

Danny took his first bite and it was disappointed. He said that he would not recommend it because...
A) It tasted stale and it sitting there for several hours. It was made well in advance. The rice was hard.
B) It was very oily from the tempura flakes.

I was impressed with the clarity of their jumbo screens.

Coney Island Dog (Chilli Dog) is recommended. 
Premium Nathan's Hot Dog with beef chili, cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Danny said that the chilli dog was his favourite. The chilli was meaty and a great protein hit but the greasy flavour of the sausage was stronger. 

And of course the cheerleaders (in Outfit #1).

The Raptors playing...

Return of the cheerleaders (in Outfit #2)

The Loaded Nachos with Beef Chilli

It was the same chilli from the hot dog. Danny did not recommend getting the nachos. It's good if you have kids who are cranky from hunger. One of his colleagues cringed each time Danny ate a nacho chip. His colleague tried one and disliked it.

Danny felt these nachos were messy and not suitable as a finger food. He didn't get a spoon or fork. He didn't ask because he expected one of the eating utensils would come with the nachos.. 

I was impressed that Danny got shots this close. 

The cheerleaders return to giveaway T-shirts at the audience (note they are wearing Outfit #3). 

In the end the Toronto Raptors won so he got free Pizza Pizza's pizza. In the end, it was a positive experience and Danny said he would consider taking me next time. 

P.S~ This was stolen from the web (Source: ctvnews). Apparently there is Airbnb inside the ACC! Yep! You can get the Royal Treatment and live temporarily inside! The polar bear is standing in front of his dead cousin.

For more information:

Air Canada Centre
Address: 40 Bay St, Toronto, ON M5J 2X2


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