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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Schnitzel Queen #2

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Hello Schnitzel Fans!
I have visited Schnitzel Queen (on March 29, 3016) which is located within the St. Lawrence area of Toronto. I was craving for a Schnitzel and Sauerkraut. 

This is my second time visiting their new place. They have relocated to a bigger restaurant which I'm very pleased with. 

It looks like Karl, the Schnitzel maker, (aka the Czech guy with the glasses and is always hammering meat at the back of the room) was slowly decorating his walls with mushrooms and elves. 

The atmosphere was cosy and had a cottage/cabin house vibe to it. I liked it! It sort of reminded me of the ice-cream store Dutch's Dreams because there were ornaments on their wall. 

The Schnitzel Sandwich Regular
Danny and I argued what this was called. It's a pork schnitzel, with mayo, lettuce and tomato and bread.

Don't you want to dig in? 

I ordered the Schnitzel Queen Combo in Chicken.
The freshly squeezed lemon brought out the freshness of the chicken! The chicken was spiced nicely. 

Karl, what did you put in the breading? My chicken schnitzel was glittering! I loved the way how the sunlight lit up the food! It was hot, thin, crunchy and delicious. Yep! It was the same as I ate this two years ago.

Danny loved the potato salad. I loved their mouth-watering good sauerkraut. It reminded me of kimchi. I was so addicted to their sauerkraut, I ended up getting an additional small sauerkraut to go. 

This place is a 5.0/5.0.
A) It's made to order so you know your schnitzel is fresh and HUGH!
B) Everything is good!
C) I seriously struggle  each time to finish my plate every time I come here.
D) Karl and his staff are always friendly and the place is clean.
E) There's a better chance of dining in now that the place is bigger.

For more information:

Schnitzel Queen
Address: 211 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1S4
Phone:(416) 504-1311

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