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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Casa Manila #1

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Hello Casa Manila Fans! I finally visited Casa Manila!!!
It's at York Mills road and Don Mills road. My ex-boyfriend who was Filipino, when we were dating, he was trying to get me to visit but I did not go. 

I had very much regretted not attending before. I am happy at the same time that I had an opportunity to experience Fine Dining Filipino foods from Casa Manila.  

I adored their restaurant's atmosphere. Magical. Cultured. Romantic. Boho-nature, tropical theme.

Our table was setup like this... 

There was a large family dining here. 

A bit of history here. I see that they have some Chinese in their family. I also notice a young Chinese boy working at the time. 

Ube Ice Cream! 

The sunniest spot in the restaurant...

First course : Chicken Chicharon Appetizers 

A funny story behind this. Noel, Danny's Flipino friend was talking about setting up a restaurant that sold only fried chicken skins. 
Well, it looks like Casa Manila beat you Noel. And they made it fancier. 

Deep fried chicken skin with Vietnamese pickles carrots and daikon, spicy mayo and chopped green onions. It was mind-blowingly good to the point where I hallucinated said "Who ate the fifth one?" There were four people at our table. Danny was like, "There was only four of those." I had to check back at my photos. I wanted to eat the fifth one so badly!

Second Course: Beef Consomme with chopped beef and vegetables – Nilagang Baka
This is probably the best Beef Consomme ever! I like hearty soups. The beef brisket was tender and soft. It wasn't too salty. 

So I was about to dig into the soup when I noticed their cutlery was unique. 

They were flat or 2-dimensional spoons and forks. 

Ok, so I confess, this is my second serving.

Third Course: Behold! Our Kamayan
Coconut Ginger Vegetables
7-UP Shrimp
Beef Kare Kare (Peanut beef stew)
Crispy Pata (Crispy Pork Hocks)
Chicken Adobo 

Everything was delicious in their own way. I gave my pork to Danny (I don't eat pork).

I remember the 7-UP Shrimp was sweet and tangy. 

Shrimp paste was very salty. I remember I enjoyed the third tan-brown sauce the best. It tasted like sweet peanut butter. 

On the Kamayan platter, the Beef Kare Kare (Peanut beef stew) and
Coconut Ginger Vegetables. Who knew peanuts and beef would pair up so nicely. The vegetables (purple eggplant, bok choi, green beans and squash) did this nice dance in my mouth and creamy coconut sauce was licked off of my fingers. Yes, I ate with my hands. It was messy, intimate, made the dishes taste better and I loved it! 

I just wished I had more purple eggplant! 

Dessert/fourth course: Halo halo for the guys. 
Sugar plum, beans, shaved ice, milk and pandan syrup
under layers of assorted fruits, beans, custard with 
Ube Taro Ice Cream and puffed rice flakes.

Bottom of the bowl

I had asked for just Ube ice cream. It wasn't on the menu but they were so sweet to make it happen! Thank you Casa Manila! So this was Marble Slab's Ube ice cream. I had Sapputo's Ube ice cream so I was expecting strong Ube flavour and that bright-dark royal violet colour. Marble Slab made their ice cream extremely diluted and pale. I guess I will be on the hunt for Saputo's Ube Ice cream this summer. 

After the halo halo was mixed. Serve with a ladle. It tasted like forbidden breakfast cereal! Imagine people ate this for breakfast. There would be no more hate, just love! I definitely tasted the rice puffs. Whoever is Filipino reading this is probably having a good laugh at this. 

Casa Manila deserves 5.0/5.0. You can see they put a lot of effort keeping the place clean, fancy and maintaining their wow factor. Their food was extremely delicious, flavourful and very unique. It was probably one of the most memorable meals in Toronto. Their quality in their ingredients is good to high quality. The server was so nice. He even offered to take the time to teach us how to eat with our hands and how to divide up the Kamayan. When I looked around, most of their clienteles were Filipinos, families, couples on dates and women having a girl's day out. One thing that I had noticed is that a lot of their customers wore semi-formal or church clothes. I showed up in casual wear. Well, I will know next time. 

Thanks for reading!

For more information:

Casa Manila  
Address: 879 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1Y5
Phone:(416) 443-9654

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