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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tsujiri #1

TSUJIRI Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Hello Green Tea Fanatics!
I love green tea! When I saw photos on Zomato of Tsujiri, I knew had a strong intuition that I would love it! 

Danny and I waited a few feet behind their entrance. We waited approximately 30 minutes. It was worth it! 

This was not the far end the room. There were more people behind me in the room. There was about 30-35 people waiting in a long "S" shaped line. 

Next time, I would like to try a Green Tea Cream Puff. 

These girls who assembled the desserts were Japanese. They took their time. They were calm. And they looked and looked at the details of each and every dessert to ensure it resembled the photos. Some of them even wore nose guards which looks like upside down thin, clean goggle-shields. Shouldn't everyone in the food industry be wearing these? I've always admired the Japanese culture and their obsession of cleanliness. 

I took some shots of other people's desserts while waiting. 

Danny ordered a Yuzu Citron Float. He loved it! His regret was that he should have ordered a large. I was like I never tried Yuzu Citrons before. When I took a sip, I immediately knew what it was. Koreans drink Yuzu Tea which looks something like this at Galleria Market. 

My mother gifted a jar to one of my sister's teacher (Caucasian woman). 
When my mother attended a parent-teacher's night, the teacher was like, "Oh thank you for the marmalade!" My mother was like, "What?". Then the teacher clarified, "Oh the lemon jam, you gave me? I loved it with toast!" My mother was like, "Ummm... yeah...ok..". My mom returned home chuckling and she told me the story.

This appeared the most frequently ordered. I have no idea what that brown stuff is. Brown rice? 

I ordered the small Tsujiri Milk Float. I wished I had requested for some more ice cream. I really enjoyed it. It had a strong matcha taste to it followed by dreamy, creamy, sweet notes. It was excellent! I'm definitely returning to Tsujiri. They deserve a 4.5/5.0. It is a long line up but I had no regrets. 

For more information:
Address: 147 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C5
Phone:(647) 351-7899

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