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Monday, May 30, 2016

Casa Manila #2

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Hello Casa manila lovers!

I recently was invited for a complimentary meal for four at Casa manila. I had invited three of my friends to enjoy Kamayan, the Flipino hand to mouth feast. One of them never tried Flipino food so it was an adventure for her!

I can't help admire their decor and atmosphere. It brought a sense of calm, chilled back environment as if you temporarily went on a vacation. 

Thank you Casa manila for the extra Chicken Chicharon Appetizers. 

I ate the last one! No body fought for them this time. They are so delicious!

Beef Consomme with chopped beef and vegetables Nilagang Baka

We heard drums and voices. Our Kamayan landed on our banana leaf covered table. It's colorful and pleasant to look at.

This is what was ordered:

Grilled Chicken Skewers 

Peanut, Beef and Vegetable Stew (Kare Kare)

Crispy Pork Belly

7-Up Garlic Prawns 

Coconut Long Beans and Squash

They served some high quality long grain rice (Chinese Rice).

I really enjoyed their vegetables. I just wish I had more coconut sauce drizzled on to the rice. 

Shrimp paste (very salty), vinegar and sweet liver sauce

A Pitcher of Tealicious
Pineapple juice, ice tea, ginger ale, fresh mint and lime 
I did not taste any ginger ale but this was a nice sweet, cold beverage.

Ube Cake 
The cake was stale but alright. I don't think the Ube cake was made in the restaurant. I was wondering where all of the Ube flavour was. It was embedded within the sponge cake and at the bottom of the cake. There was this sweet ube puree on the plate the anchor the cake. That was my favourite and I wish I had more of that puree. 

My friends and I had a great Kamayan experience. Their foods are so flavourful and vivid. I will definitely return in the future to try out other things from their menu. Thank you Casa Manila for everything! 

This meal was complimentary but opinion is mine. 

For more information:

Casa Manila

Address: 879 York Mills Rd, North York, ON M3B 1Y5

Phone:(416) 443-9654

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