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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fushimi #1

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Hello Sushi Lovers!
I went on a double date with a cute couple to Fushimi which was walking distance from Wellesley Station. 

We tried a lot of different dishes. Some were hits, some were misses. I will mostly show you what I thought were okay or good.

We were escorted to the back room.

We got the best seats in the house. I love these seats! 

Shrimp Yakitori
It was okay. We had Chicken Yakitori as well. It was very similar. Good presentation.

Shrimp Tempura
They were cleaned alright.

Recommended by the Internet and Ren...Walnut Shrimp! When I tried it, there were no more walnut pieces. To me, it was just mayo, condensed milk with some spices that weren't detectable to the tongue. It just did not stand out in my mind. 

Fried scallops with dots of ketchup. 

Fried squid legs
I actually enjoyed these because they reminded me of the best Calamari during the Taste of Danforth. 

Left: Lava Roll
Fake crab meat, mango, avocado, mango sauce and red fish roe
Middle: Crazy Salmon Roll
Spicy crunch salmon, avocado, salmon with cayenne pepper, house sauce and honey wasabi sauce 
Right: Grilled Eel Roll 

I tried only the Lava Roll and the Crazy Salmon Roll. It was extremely sweet. It wasn't my cup of tea. 

Top Left: Salmon Ceviche
Seared cold salmon, organic green salad with tomato sauce 
Top Right: Truffle White Tuna
Shichimi escolar tuna with truffle sauce
Bottom Left:Pepper Salmon
Black pepper salmon cucumber with sashimi sauce

Shrimp Asparagus
Cooked shrimp and asparagus with yuzu miso sauce 

What we actually got was shrimp on top of a bed of sliced cucumbers. I did not have the shrimp because I was full but I ate some of their cucumbers. There definitely were nice Yuzu Lemon notes in the sauce. It was delicious! 

Tuna Naruto
Tuna, fake crab meat, avocado wrapped in thin peeled cucumber with chef's special sauce 
Danny remembers this was nice and very refreshing. This fish and the fake crab was actually went well and it was tasty.

A word of wisdom. We pretty much filled the ordering paper during our first cycle of order. Yup, every line and space was pretty much filled! 
We got the salmon sashimi towards the middle/end of the meal. If you want to make your money worth it, order salmon sashimi first and don't order a lot of things to ensure you will get the sashimi in the beginning of the meal and you still have space in your stomach. The salmon sashimi was fresh and good but I definitely did not eat as much as I planned. 

Fushimi Roll
Shrimp tempura, fish roe, BBQ Eel, mango, avocado, house sauce which is all wrapped with layered sesame soybean

Danny thought this very easy to eat, nice on the taste buds and well balanced roll. He thinks seniors would love this. 

Albacore Tuna Sashimi, 
tamago (egg) and cooked shrimp

Miso Soup
This was different Miso Soup. It was sweet and I strangely enjoyed it. 

Ika Maru Yaki
Whole BBQ calamari with chef's special sauce 

Strawberry, green tea and mango ice cream. 

Fushimi deserves a 3.5/5.0. They had unique sushi rolls and sashimi that isn't normally part of the All You Can Eat Menu. Most of the food did come out somewhat fresh. The quality of the food is pretty average. It was noted they put a bit more effort on presentation which was nice. I personally thought their ice cream quality can be better. I was the only one who had an issue tasting a lot of ice crystal in their ice cream and perceived it was old. 

For more information:
Address: 491 Church St, Toronto, ON M4Y 2C6
Phone:(416) 924-8868

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