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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

St. Lawrence Market's Stonemill Bakehouse #1

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Hello everyone!
 I have pretty tried all of the bakeries at St. Lawrence Market and this one was the best.

I've enjoyed most of their baked goods most of the time. Some food items just wasn't my cup of tea. 

I love their Harvest Corn Muffins! I do love corn bread once in a while. 

This is my favourite! It's the savory pastry feta spinach bistro sandwich. I just wish there was another layer of the feta spinach filling. There is never enough! 

As a child, I grew up on this but from another bakery. So many nostalgic memories! 

I overheard a lady talking about these. She claimed they were her favourite. So I took one home with me and Danny and I fought for it. It's crazy addictive. Fresh, crispy, butter layers and inside has this sweet almond paste. It reminded me of Marzipan but better! This had more almond essence in it. I personally don't like the icing sugar on top but absolutely go crazy for the sliced toasted almonds.

I was eating a butter croissant outside of the market and oh boy! Was I turning heads that day! Everyone on the street can hear this crispy, crunchy of several layers breaking as it makes contact with my teeth. 

They are both good but I prefer the cheese croissant. I go here to buy baguettes here once in a while. I actually compared the quality of Stonemill's baguette with other St. Lawrence Bakery baguette. Hands down Stonemill had won!

They deserve a 4.0/5.0. I haven't tried every single baked good but they left me smiling after I brush off crumbs off my face. This is my current go to bakery. It sparks joy in my heart. They have great circulation of their baked goods so it's pretty fresh. Once you try their croissants, you will taste the quality of their ingredients. I see their staff replenishing their stock frequently. The staff are friendly and nice.

For more information:

Stonemill Bakehouse 
Address: 92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C4
Phone:(416) 601-1853

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