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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Megas Restaurant

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Hello Greek Food Lovers! 
So I have visited Megas Restaurant that is in The Danforth area of Toronto. It was on the To-Do-List for the longest time. I finally had time to drop by for a visit.

The place was decorated nicely with some fine details and art on their walls. 

Yogurt, cucumber & garlic spread with pita bread
The pita came out hot, fresh sitting underneath a small garnish salad. There were two very big, generous dallops of greek yogurt. We saved some to dip with our fries. 

I looked up and the first thing that I saw was a rear end of a horse! I had a good laugh while eating.

The authentic Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onions, feta cheese, black olives, oregano, topped with extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar

This was probably one of the best Greek salads I had in a long time. Fresh, crisp, juicy and tasty! We got more bread. Lucky us! 

French Fries

Spanakopita Dinner
Served with Fresh Vegetables

I don't think I will ever eat another Spanakopita unless it's from Megas! They were small, but they were so fresh, hot, crispy and I can barely taste the cheese. It was very delicious! 

Kalamari Dinner

I loved this platter! The calamari was delicious and ohh! I don't know why but I love Greek rice! This one had frozen vegetables which I liked. Other places, it's just yellow rice and you would be lucky if you see peas. 

You can taste the quality and see the effort Megas had put into their work. I would give this place 4.0/5.0. Their meal was impressive .I went home with a full belly and pretty satisified. I just wished it was easier grabbing the staff member's attention for the bill. The place was clean, cared for and well-maintained. I will definitely return in the future. I would recommend this place for those who are looking for a really good treat in The Danforth area.  

For More Information:
Megas The Art of Greek Cuisine
Address: 402 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1P3
Phone:(416) 466-7771

Monday, June 27, 2016

Z-Teca (Yonge) #1

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Hi everyone!

I decided to try out Z-Teca the one that is inside North York Centre's Food Court.

Hmm.. what should I order?

I got the Egg and Cheese Burrito

I was warned by the female staff that the tomato salsa has onions. I did not realize it contained a lot of onions! I'm just not an onion type of person in the morning.

I would say this place is a 3.0/5.0. The staff was friendly and helpful. Their ingredients were fresh and pretty standard. I am still curious about their burritos. I would return in the future.

For more information

Z-teca Restaurant
Address: 5150 Yonge Street, Unit 7
Phone: (416) 229-6888

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kyoto House Japanese Restaurant

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Konnichiwa minawa!
I went to Kyoto House with another couple and one of Danny's colleague. It's in the Discover District near Dundas and Bay.

I recall about 8 years ago, you had to wait at least 15 minutes in line to be seated. That day, we were seated right away. The good thing is that this place is so busy, you are guaranteed fresh ingredients!

We were seated around this area during lunch hours.

We all decided to get the all you can eat (AYCE) lunch menu. 
Salmon Sushi

Left to Right
Spicy Salmon Roll, Salmon Skin Roll, Grilled Eel Roll and California roll
I really enjoyed the eel roll.

Sweet Potato Tempura and Avocado Tempura. We were curious about the avocado tempura. None of us had it before. It was good but extremely heavy.

Chicken Teriyaki
I didn't try it because I don't dive in for teriyaki for buffet. Danny tried it and told me it was pretty dry because it was overcooked. He also said he didn't taste special because it wasn't seasoned well. 

We ordered Salmon Sushi, White Tuna (we had a big discuss about this. Have you ever seen tuna white at the seafood market?) and Octopus Sushi. The Octopus Sushi was so chewy the table was quite for a minute. I took my time chewing it for a couple of minutes.

Pork Katsu with the sauce. Danny recalls this was decent.

Ah! And of course, the miso soup! I personally require at least one order of miso soup to help cut the grease in my stomach. Additionally, it just makes me feel better overall. It must be the heat from the soup.

Salmon Roll. I'm sorry, I cannot remember the other roll with cucumbers in it.

I would give this place 3.5/5.0. I come here once in a while. This was already my second time visiting Kyoto House this year. The service is fair to it can be hard to catch the server's attention range. Food is always fresh! They also have private rooms at the back which we certainly regretted not using. The place was reasonably clean but can be better. Overall, my friends and I were pretty satisfied. I'm definitely returning here again in the future! 

For more information:
Kyoto House 
Address: 143 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5G 1C5
Phone:(416) 585-2223

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bellissimo Pizzaria & Ristorante #3

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Hello everyone!
So I went to a popular fast food chain restaurant and ordered fries. You know that bitter aftertaste you get after eating something that was fried in old oil that needed to be changed? There specifically is a Korean word to describe this taste but I guess the closest English word is.. rancid. 

Now, I stick with smaller fast food restaurants to avoid that unpleasant taste. When I crave for fries (and gravy), I usually go to Bellissimo for a cheat day! 

Their fries taste like frozen fries. But it comes out not rancid which I really like and they generously smother their fries with gravy. 

For more information:

Bellissimo Pizzaria & Ristorante
Address: 164 The Esplanade Toronto, ON M5A 4H2
Phone: (416) 869-9191

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Uno Mustachio

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Hello everyone!
If you're having crazy hunger pains, go to Uno Mustachio. I can only finish half of their sandwiches.

They pre-made their deep-fried, breaded slices of eggplants, chicken and veal. 

It looks like they are stepping up their game. They do pasta now.

I usually get their eggplant sandwiches.

Oh yes! They also do packaged salads. 

As you saw in the first photo, there usually in a long line up during lunch time. So come on time and be prepared. 

*Updated on June 23, 2016*
I just had to show you guys how big this sandwich actually is.
I was in the mood for Nonna's Chicken Eggplant Italian Sandwich.

You would probably think twice going to Subway for sandwiches.

I would give this place 3.5/5.0. It is a delicious, large sandwich. However, fried things can get stale pretty quickly. This is a very popular place during lunch hours so the line up can be quite long but it goes really fast. It's worth it! 

For more information:

Uno Mustachio
Address: 95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C2
Phone:(416) 367-8325

Thursday, June 2, 2016

St. Lawrence Market's Caviar Direct

Hello everyone! 
I had visited the St. Lawrence Market's Caviar Direct awhile ago. It was located on their bottom floor. 

They sell what is known for "Fancy Foods".

They say on their website they sell "Artisanal Smoked Salmon, quality Caviar, Truffle Products, Foie Gras, Organic and Wild Gourmet Gifts."

I was interested in their Indian Candy which was pretty much salmon covered in syrup. The man boasted it was very popular in his store and that it was fresh, high quality salmon. He did not wash his hands, nor wore gloves. He dealt with the fish and handed me a slice with his bare-hands. The actual salmon was extremely fishy. It was a finger-sized salmon fish piece for $2.50 flat. As my food snob boyfriend taught me, "The general rule is if the fish tastes fish, it's a stale fish. "

After that experience, I don't think I would return.

For more information:
Caviar Direct
Address: 92-95 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1C3
Phone:(416) 392-7219