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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Samosa King Embassy Indian Restaurant #1

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Hello Indian Sweets!
So I looked back at the list that Sahyeed gave me and he recommended me Samosa King Embassy Indian Restaurant in Scarborough. It's near Middlefield and Finch. 

When we arrived..... OMG! There was a line-up that filled up halfway of the restaurant! This was around 11 AM!

Yup! We started from here!

The good thing was, we got to see what type of snacks or sweets they've got! I tried a few at an Indian wedding but most of theses were a mystery to me.

My favourite Indian dessert!!! I love vanilla rice pudding but with nutmeg and pistachio nuts? Oh yeah! It enhances the rice pudding at least twice in my opinion! I hope to learn to make my own one day. 

Hmm... I never tried these before. I don't know what they are.

I should be avoiding dairy but oh man! This looks like Indian Pudding. I have to try it next time I am in the area!

I like these! I haven't had it in awhile! I wonder how it tastes different between the dark gulab jamun and the light one. I will get one of each next time!

Hmmm.. Those deep fried dough that is all twisted up and coated in syrup. They reminded me of crazy straws. 

And of course! Vegetarian Spring Rolls! I saw some young senior Chinese ladies waiting in line. 

Yesssssss! I love roti! I am definitely getting a few of those for home!

Window Samosa
I call them window samosa because when we ordered 50 samosa, they appeared to be smaller. Yes, we were crazy enough to take home 50 samosa. It wasn't my type of samosa. I look for at least 2 types of seed spices in the samosa filling. It tasted like mashed potatoes with Korean red pepper paste with vegetables. Danny loved it but I am currently seeing to replicate a certain type of samosa. I should blog about that later.

For more information:
Samosa King Embassy Indian Restaurant 
Address: 5210 Finch Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1S 4Z7
Phone: (416) 332-0944


somemale said...

Hey you haven't posted for so long! Love the simple yet informative reviews, great pictures too! Keep it up!

Michie Hungry said...

Thank you!