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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Very Fair #9

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Hello hungry people!
I come here once in a while especially when I am craving for Dim Sum or Chinese food in general.

It's an underground restaurant that can be accessed through their stairs or elevator. There are a lot of Chinese seniors here and some families. You just got to go where the Chinese people are at for really good Chinese food.

Beef Congee with some Egg.

Isn't it beautiful?
It was hot, fresh and flavourful. No extra sauce was needed.

Up at the front is Beef Rice Rolls (my favourite!) soaking in sweet soy sauce and at the back is Shrimp Rice Rolls.

Who eats Honey Glazed Beef Ribs in the morning? Dad!
It's really sweet for my palate but I like to nibble on just one.

I just wanted to show that they still use ladies screaming out their food item as they stroll their carts around.

Pork and Chives fried dumplings with red vinegar sauce.

At your left, Black Sesame baked buns (Floury/bread) and Pork baked buns.

I just wanted to show you what the baked pork bun looked like in the inside. Dan enjoyed this.

And the black sesame baked bun. I didn't like it because of the bun. I preferred the steamed buns with rice flour.

Sesame Rice balls that was hallow inside. It's extremely chewy so take your time eating this.

For more information:

Very Fair Chinese Restaurant 
4002 Sheppard Ave E 
Toronto, ON M1S 4R5
(416) 332-1861

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